Wadeye Harder EP (Bonus Edition)

by Wadeye

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released October 12, 2015

Thanks to everyone involved, sorry it took so long ;)

Bonus Edition includes 4 demo tracks.

Wadeye (at time of recording):
Tom - Vocals
Johnnie - Trumpet
Mike & Jay - Guitars
Rob - Bass
Ol - Drums

Track 1:
Lyrics - Tom Skinkis
Music - Johnnie F. Rogers & Wadeye

Track 2:
Lyics - MC Skinkis
Bars - Ol' Dirty Gilbo
Music - Ol' Dirty Gilbo, Oli Harthrob & Wadeye

Track 3:
Lyrics - Tom Skinkis
Music - Mike Smith & Wadeye

Recorded with Matt at Pumpkin Records
(vocals with Kai at Room 2 Records).

Track 3 mixed by Matt, 1 & 2 mixed by Mike.

Mastered by Bob Macc (Subvert Central Mastering).

Tracks 4 - 7 recorded live at SSR studios.




Wadeye Manchester, UK

Wadeye are a 5 piece ska enthused punk rock band, with occasional brass.

Sozzlecore? Call it what you want.

Based in Manchester.

Formed sometime during Summer of 2012, Wadeye have been gigging relentlessly since.
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Track Name: Lifelong Problem
The tales they create are crazy lies and full of hate
A pinch of fat cat gold and backed by the state
A shameless irony that countless still believe
You too can write the past if you pay correct fees

The classes don’t control what the media behold
Rich n poor fight it out you’re doing as you’re told
Then we stood back n judged the earth turned to dust
Coz this generation’s built on greed n mistrust

We’ve been fed a belly full of lies
Whilst western eyes just occupy
If the poor are unhealthy and the rich are getting wealthy
Then is there such a thing as equality
No one knows where the money’s really gone
And this lifelong problem’s just dawned
I don’t wanna be misinformed
N I really don’t wanna be uniformed

There’s no problem with this planet
It’s the fuckers we’ve let run it
Dragged us down beat us down
Told us we have fucked it
We’re taking power back for the kids on the streets
We’re taking power back for the people who want peace
No tax break for high rate wankers
Stand up for the lower classes
Simple plans with simple aims
With naught to lose but all will gain
Kick out all government gangsters
Lock up the fat cat bankers
They had their time they’ve had their fun
Now Bring em down one by one

For high rate wankers
Government gangsters
Fat cat bankers
And those defying taxes
We can be our own police
And bring the peace back to our streets
Track Name: We Are The Wadeye
It's now all broken 
I cannot complain
The time I have taken
I am the blame

Friendships are strained
And it won't be the same
The time I have taken
I am the blame

But we are all one
A unit, A family
I can't explain
How much this means to me

Your pain is my pain
If you gain we all gain
Speakin' the truth
I die by my word

We are all
Too good for this world
Can't explain in a song no
All I have wronged

Who claimed to be perfect
Who asked for respect
Look straight ahead
And have no regrets

Just take a look around
N see where you've come
There aint no enemy
Only friends here
Who are you running from
Another image
Against a fool who's grown 
Way up, too large
It's all your head fight
What makes you stand tall?
What makes your head crawl,
N fight It's own self?
A fight you can't win
You're chugging uphill
Your head is only in
Your own worst interest 

We are the Wadeye
We are the Wadeye
We are the Wadeye
We are the Wadeye

We are the Wadeye back up in the building
Comin for you men, women and children
Return of the Wadeye is on this track
Once you heard of us aint no goin' back
We are the Wadeye, dangerous punks
Aint no doubt we're covered in spuuuuunk.

Track Name: Never Forget (Where You're Comin' From)
There’s no more bobbies on the beat
Just riot coppers on the street
There stomping to the sound of the boot boy beat
Now feel the long arm of the elite

An instant injustice to put it lightly
Taxes raised as your belts are getting tightened
System fail and you’re getting frightened
Here’s to the sound of the high and mighty

A hunger need with a face that pleads
Splashed across your TV screens
Spread the hate or sow the seed
There’s no such thing as a selfless deed

Always remember
Always remember
Always remember

Ask yourself are yourself are half way there
You’ll end up finding if you really care
Open up your eyes and be aware
Coz with your eyes wide shut you cannot face the glare
Of peace and justice the American way
If you’re not white then you’re going to pay
It feels as if people have nothing left to say
As if all their pain has gone away

Always remember
Always remember
Always remember

Corruption and bribes are time tested tools
And they use these rules even in your schools
Let’s stand up wake up so we don’t lose
Let’s stand up wake up and show these fools

Always remember
Always remember
Always remember